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Basement Freestyle

[Intro: Notorious B.I.G]
We up in the basement, you know what I'm saying?
DJ Enuff, my man Fresco
This is just me, the Notorious Biggie Smalls in full effect

[Verse: Notorious B.I.G]
Introducing the black bastard from Bedrock
Guaranteed to make heads rock, tote Glocks
Drop cops that mistake me for Rodney
Strictly head shots, I knock the twist out your dreadlocks
Who got the props? Biggie Who got the Glock? Biggie But who is he?
You can't get my description, you need a prescription
Two doses of the ferocious
Feel the weight when I'm crushing 'em, bumrushing 'em
Stuffing 'em, I put the pressure on em, hon
Lord a mercy, Jesus Christ, He's just nice, he just slice like a Ginsu
It's me, the Notorious B.I.G-G.I.E Smalls, yo!
This is for chumps that don't know who I am
I had a song on the soundtrack "Who's The Man?"
The single was dope, but the movie didn't slam
Emcees is like JJ's moms, "Damn, damn damn!"
Is it because I rip the props or beat the cops?
I got more dough than a pizza shop
Biggie Smalls is the illest
Your style is played out like Arnold and that "whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?"
7 Mac Elevens, 8 .38s nine 9s, ten MAC 10s, the guns never end!
Biggie Smalls, the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht
The two weed spots, the two hot Glocks
Huh, that's how I got the weed spot
I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the Lambsbread
Lil' Gotti got the shotty to your body
So don't resist or you might miss Christmas
I tote guns, I make number runs
I give MCs the runs dripping
When I throw my clip in the AK, I slay from far away
Everybody hit the D-E-C-K!

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