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Beaches & Sushi

Beaches and sushi
Is that where you took me from my sleep?
That's where you first kissed me
Now I'm grieving but it's only my screen

Don't call me crazy
Cause you didn't want to date me
I thought just maybe you'd want to stay
Don't try to blame me
Cause you thought that I'd need saving
So goddamn lazy you walked away
Cause I broke my rules for you
But it didn't matter cause you said you didn't ask me to
And I nearly killed myself just loving you
And I'd do it again a million times just if you asked me to

When you find the one you're loving
You should hold on with your life
Cause you don't know when you'll find it
Usually doesn't happen twice
And I usually confide in what goes beyond the eyes

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Date Added: 2022-08-09
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