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Been A Minute (Interlude)

[Verse 1]
Everybody know the truth hurts
Everybody get played
Everybody fuck around, hate to say it
But you know I had to do it first
Baby girl, I tried to give you the universe
Don’t you really love the feeling when you feeling her
When shit got bad, you started giving up
Started acting like it never was never us

[Verse 2]
Well it was what it was
Heard I was replaced with a scrub
Heard you in love
Heard love ain’t meant for a thug
Heard from a friend that you miss how I fuck
Dropping her off, and I’m picking her up
Laughing at him cause he thinking he cuffed
“Like what the fuck?”
Don’t be thinking you cuffed

[Verse 3]
Girl, it’s been a minute
I must admit that I missed it
If I broke your heart, let me fix it
If I said that you got my heart, then I meant it
Oh, how I love how you are independent
Life is amazing as long as you’re in it
As long as you in it
I’m gonna keep on winning

[Verse 4]
She wanna love me
Ain’t ready for love
Heard love ain’t meant for a thug
It ain’t meant for a thug

She wanna love me
Can’t keep fooling with her
She say don’t forget what we was
I won’t forget what we was

She wanna love me
I ain’t ready for love
Damn, she say she fell into love with me
Well, ain’t ready for love

I ain’t ready for love, hell no

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