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Bentley Truck

Hook: Pullin up in that new Bentley truck
Pullin up in that bently truck
Pullin up in the new Bentley truck
The brand new Bentley truck
I'm pullin up in that new new Bentley Truck. 3x
Pullin up in the new Bentley truck. 3x

Chorus 1:
Fucking the city up. Pull up in that Bentley truck
They like what the fuck, lil soulja be turning up
Richgang styrophone all in my cup, hoppin out
Gisueppies my shoes we ready hopping out, 2 hunna K
I'm guaping out, I'm cashin out, Ferrari I'm dropping the top and out
Lil Dre when I'm guaping out, everybody know I'm getting that cake
My bitch, is taking a trip,my ice in my wrist, she kno that I'm rich
Ice in my ear, diamond look clear. Lil soulja the shit, richgang my click
You know who I'm wit, I'm Icey while I'm shinning my clip
I do it myself but I calling my shooter he shooting the shit
He bringing the clip,give a fuck who you wit, all of you pussys get hit
Gisueppies my kicks, and Rolex my wrist, AP on that shit, I'm Icey and drippy and shit
I'm pullin up in the new Bentley truck, niggas is haters
I'm getting that paper, I don't need no favors

Chorus 2:
Patrick Ewing on my shoes, AK47, 9 millimeter and rube rubas is for my tools
80 thousand in tattoos, your girl she suckin and fuckin me in the bathroom
Thinking about what should I do? Riding in the maybach it's painted n you kno that I'm true
Soulja boy tellem a fool. Ridin around in the trap, Ridin around with the pistol it's sitting all in my lap. Fitted pistol in yo mouth it go through the gap
AK47 right on the shoulder like Rambo keeping the strap
Ferragamo on my belt, gucci is all on my face
I'm calling my lawyer he Jewish you know he beating the case
I'm saying my grace, I'm eating my plate, it tasting so great
You kno that these niggas they hate I'm real and they fake
Go hard for the cake, I'm dumping bodies in lake, to land me estate
Lil Soulja the great, I'm going hard in the paint

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