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Best in The Game

[Verse 1]
Man, it's the best in the game
Check the watch and the ring
I might hit the microphone and watch me spit that cane
Yeah I spit that flame, yeah I do my thing
Yeah I got the game tied up like my strings, yeah
Got your girl in my bed, I'm swagging
Man I put it on everything I spit the flames like a dragon
And my pants stay sagging, magic like Aladdin
Man I'm everything bright you know I spit that bragging
Man my flow ain't lagging, man you know I'm on point
I'll line your loud game you know your boy stay on it
Yeah your boy stay grinding, I hit the strut and I'm shining
You know what's up on on my mind and I hit the block I'm rewinding
Yeah I'm going in hard, yeah I'm going in harder
I hit the block I spit flames that would remind you of Carter
I'm like goddamn, your father
I'm like Luke on a mission
My niggas see you you wishing, you diss me
And then you miss me and kiss me
Yeah, I got his momma straight crying
Because the nigga a beast and I ain't never be lying
I'm opposite of that bitch, yeah you call me the truth
And inside or the outside, the truth in the booth
And now I swear I'm the loose
My niggas playing to win
I got the all-star team and man we going so in
I swear we going so ham, you might have put on the grill
And say you niggas want beef, man are you niggas for real?
SOD dog, man I put it on everything
I'm iced out everyday
It's all black everything
Everything man you see I'm switching
Niggas see my tattoos and then their girls be missing
Goddamn Soulja Boy I see you do your thing
Man I see you on deck you taking over the game
Man they know my name, from here to the hood
From Asia as well, but man you know it's understood
I swear I'm good

[Hook X2]
I'm the best in the game and don't forget it
I'm the best, I'm the best

Yes, yes, yes, yes

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