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Big Bank

[Hook: Juicy J]
If I ain't in the Phantom, I'm probably in a tank
Catch me overseas, flock of bitches, blowing dank
I'm where you ain't, I'm copping everything that you can't
Get your pockets up, big bank take lil bank
Big bank take lil bank, big bank take lil bank
I'm on a spree fucking bitches, big bank take lil bank
Big bank take lil bank, big bank take lil bank
I'm with the movie stars, trippy, big bank take lil bank

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
I'm forever gon' ball and I'm telling you dog
If I'm not in the lab then I'm fucking up the mall
At the car lot, fuck swapping out
I loved everything there, so I had to buy 'em out
Riding round the city, they know it's me
Parera hanging out the window, hard not to notice me
Big bands my convo, need all that, like pronto
Get money with my eyes closed
Got a condo with a lot of hoes
My ice is like a freezer, Evel Knievel
Shots of Bombeezle, doing something illegal
Love making money and I do it for the people
Ball on 'em once, now here go the sequel


[Verse 2: Key]
Trynna make 'em understand, gotta make 'em understand
I said that money ain't a thing
I ride around in them Prada frames
I ride around and I take your dames
Since he got money, he ain't been the same
My denim cost, and they denim plain
While you coppin' halves, we got 10 of them things
Duffel bag like a gymnast mane, deep off in your girl
Said I pray to God for my sins and thangs
Thank you Jesus like amen
8 million, 8 million, flippin bitches at the Days Inn
That Cali Kush is so amazing
That Kickstand, I'm so faded
My lighter lit, my blunt blazing
I'm coming down and them niggas hating
Gotta go and get it, I'm money crazy
Go and get it, I'm money crazy
Big bank said it's taking little bank
Said I'm probably at your girls' house, twisting up and blowing stank


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