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Black Beatles (Remix)

That girl is a real crowd pleaser
Small world, all her friends fuck me
Big Soulja and I'm scrolling through the streets
Draco on me and it's in the backseat
Bad bitches yeah they always around me
Real niggas that's all that's around me
Real niggas that's all that's around me

Pull out the trigger get to singing
What in the world was I thinking
Riding through Chiraq with some demons
Pull out, let the draco get to singing
The choppers started spraying niggas leaking
You know a nigga hanging with the demons
[/] knock a nigga off the deep end
Catch me in the kitchen with them fishes
Made 100k [?] winning
Made 100 k [?] winning
Got some real niggas around with me
[?] clip till its empty
I'm with a bad bitch we listen to The Weekend
I can do this shit every weekend
Beef with Soulja what the fuck you thinking
Draco shoot leave his brains leaking
Bet a hund' I can bet a thou on it
Pull up on a nigga let that pow pow pow
Lot of money on me yeah I'm wild wild man
Let that shit bang just like Kurt Cobain
Real life rock star
Had me in the back of the cop car
Ain't tell them shit, I ain't even squeal
Pop a fuck nigga like a damn pill
Pop niggas like a Advil
With them savages riding with that [?]
Draco knock you out just like NyQuil
I'm sippin' actavis nigga catch me in the field
Knock a nigga out Soulja holy field
I came up in the game nigga too real
Ain't no big Soulja, where my downfall
I made 100k in one day, fuck all y'all

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