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Black Glory

while dry tears take the old triumphs to a silent deathThe old men's corpses consumes in an obscure dustwhile the new secret shines in a golden auraPast glories could rejoice only a brief instantSoon the new gloom's birth will wrap the present and the futurein a pall of algid fires and glacial quiversNo blood is willing to be shed in memory of your sighsNo wind will agitate the trees' fronds at sunsetThe foul insect will suck the virgin infant's pulpThe fifth simulacrum's sect will perish underthe vibrating echo of the white queenEvery sword is unarmed in the presence of the goddess's daggerEvery shield is smashed by the young witchThe third magic star protects my mental actsThe master of the astral fluid illuminates my path.
Cadaveria Black Glory

Date Added: 2007-12-30
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