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Blah Blah Blah

[Intro: TrDee]
(Enrgy made this one)

[Chorus: TrDee]
Blah-blah-blah, shut the f*ck up
Oh, you took a L? Nigga, so what?
Opp got dropped, time to pour up
Bitch act her shoe size, need to grow up
I got me a new pack, it's time to roll up
How the f*ck are you a scammer? You ain't never load up
I think it's crazy how she hop on top of it and go nuts
Heard the song you dropped last week, you for sure suck
[Verse 1: TrDee]
She don't post her nigga, you can always send a shot at her
In the Hellkitty, I'm just tryna make her kitty purr
Saw her in another nigga likes, I know yo feelings hurt
You might think we fighting 'til you getting popped just like a Perc'

[Verse 2: BabyTron]
Head nod to my shooter, that's the okie-dokiе
Cuddy dancing on the work, he damn near did thе Hokey Pokey
Took his watch and had him curling up, shit, that's a rollie pollie
Cathedral ceilings in the crib, shit, holy moley
Skating in the ZO1, might f*ck around and tre flip it
Snatch the horns up off a buffalo, I'm in here weight lifting
Guava Gelato to the brain, I feel my face twitching
Why the f*ck he reach for the chain? He must be 'caine sniffing
Twenty K in plastic if we talking 'bout my jugg days
Brown Louis sneakers, match the Drakey with the wood grain
All this stepping, need a damn rest, I got some foot pain
Life not a game, you can't choose when you push play
Where the opps at?

[Verse 3: TrDee]
Why yo team ain't eating like it's Ramadan?

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