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Journey past walls,that encage the right to be freeThere's always someone watchingTranscend highObtain a better view from aboveThrough the looking glass I seeTraces of lost centuriesStill remains of what life used to beWe've paved the way,nothing can be changedForever chasing liesChapters left without a nameWe've turned the page of historyAnd closed the door behindThere lies a fear within, I'll carry onThrough the looking glass I seeClimpses of prosperityA chance to restore ofwhat's been misingFlashes of sacred visionsI've never seen with my own eyesWritings revealing reasonDefine the truth amongst the liesFlashes of sacred visionsI've never seen with my own eyesThroughout the change in seasonI've never heard the children cry
Vanishing Point Blind

Date Added: 2007-12-30
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