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Blood of Kinggu

We - from the blood of the dead
We're burning with fury and hate
Bloody vengeance still growing in us
Waiting for mighty lords who'll praise again

Cry of the dreaming-dead
Still existing in my head
They are spawn of the lords
And venom of the evil gods
Through the caverns of the earth the creep
Still waiting for the right time
They revolt against the holiness
Leading me the mighty realm of madness

Primal lords
Eternal creatures of the earth
Moved before the upcoming revolt
Listen to your sickest dreams
Awakening of the fallen is written in us

Secular war
Among the giants of universe
And race of man created in hate
Lead your thoughts beyond the time
And wake up the ancestry of our entity

Distant worlds
Abominations unaffected
Waiting for the rebirth of the ancient race
All creatures of darkness arise
I open my mind for coming of the lords

The nephilim (Hebrew for 'giants' or 'the Fallen Ones') of the ancient Jewish legends are just
distraction of what cults of Sumer and other old civilizations refer to - a race of partly
divine, partly organic, so to speak, creatures from the Outside, be it other worlds or another
planet. Almost all prime great cultures teach that these beings provided the mankind with the
godly spark of wisdom, both mundane (like agriculture) and mystical and that they and people
were severely punished for that Promethean rebellion by forces trying to hold the mankind in
the state of animal-like state of blissful ignorance. Yet the seed was sown for us to flourish.

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