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BLOODRAW - "The Return Of Mr. Florida" It has been stated, one cannot be a true artist without first experiencing pain. If that is accurate, BloodRaw has struggled all of his lifetime to earn the right to be a hip-hop Picasso. "That's why my music is so soulful. I have people crying when they hear my music because I'll only spit what I've been through." Born to a mother that did the best she could to raise he and his sister by hustling, BloodRaw learned the game at a tender age. By age 12, BloodRaw lost the center of his universe when his mother died.

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Blood Raw Lyrics
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Short Information
Blood Raw
Birth Name
Bruce Falson
Panama City, Florida|Panama City, Florida, United States|U.S.
Birth Date
17 April 1975
Hip hop music|Hip hop
Rapper, Singer
Years Active
Blood Raw Entertainment
Associated Acts
Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, United Streets Dopeboyz of America|U.S.D.A., Young Buck