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Blow Money

VABP, Juicy J, Lex Luger

[Verse 1]
My car is off the showroom
My trusted drug is mushrooms
My choice of weed is OG
I shine like a full mooon
I got a pocket full of money it's nothing
To drop a stack, cause popping a rubber
Band is like popping another tag
And popping another tag is like popping
Another bottle. And popping another bottle's
Like fucking another model. No limit
To how I do it, it's like I hit the Lotto
A dentist to these hoes: I tell her "spit, swallow"
Money train, all aboard, where my hustlers at?
Willing to kick in the doors: where my muscle at?
Dirty South godfather of this hood shit
If you ain't strapped, then you best
Stay out my hood, bitch

I got blow money money, blow money
I blow money money, blow money

20 racks, big old house, lot of bitches
Lot of liquor, lot of weed..

[Verse 2]
I swear to god, pussy
Young nigga moving stepping down
It's a rap like your bitch ?
Your bitch wanna do me like I'm Lucy
Give it to me, no one can do shit to me
I'm grinding hard, skate board erection
Your bitch is soft, she fucking every section
She wink at me cause she started sucking

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