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[Verse 1: M-Pact]
If I tell you once, you'll die before say I told you so
Not even hell freezing over could make me be to cold to flow
The M-Pact train is getting ready, soon it's gonna leave town
So why don't you just go and get on board like a rebound
When I spit this shit, my flow is sweet like a swisher
Put your girls head inside my palms and then I'll squish her
Why don't you see my buzz and catch it like a fisher
No pennies in my fountain cuz I'm not a well-wisher
You say you want a punchline I'm giving you a Tyson hook
You can say I'm like Medusa, freeze you up by one look
I got a message for you like I changed my name to Hermes
You'll never be able to get rid of me like herpes
Won't you faggots please hop right off my dick like I asked you
And stop sucking up like you think you are a vacuum
Cuz you're just shit, Doofy wouldn't even use you
Why do I say these punchlines, they probably just confuse you
Killing all these fake rappers like a Hun, Atilla
Destroying the rap foundation like the zilla son, Minilla
Slowly killing you and your crew, my tactics are guerilla
You just a fucking fake, shouldn't you be at coachella
So Weezy's a blood. I got an idea turn the lamp on
Dress him like triple K, beat him into bloody tampon
You need to learn to focus, going concentration camping
And when I get off the beat, you'll know that the champ gone
I'm a fucking crazy poet and I ain't afraid to show it
My dick is like a pinwheel cuz your girlfriend loves to blow it
By the time this song is done, you'll sure as hell remember me
I'll run your brain around the block to try to jog your memory
Your girlfriend sure knows that I got them dirty hands like Kimberly
Fuck I'm only warming up, you could say I'm limbering
But have no worries, my career will always be advancing
I leave you looking like an damn epileptic dancing
I'm dropping so many bombs, let me put my turban on
Fucking hipsters what the hell you gonna do when Urban gone?
It's obvious I'm winning even more than Charlie Sheen did
And if you hate this song, beat off like a pre-teen kid

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