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Bonus Track B


[finger drumming]

"So! EP is done then for shipping next week!"
"All four tracks! Good job!"
"Thomas says we need a bonus track"
"A bonus track?"
"Like, a song?"
"Like, an extra one?"
"Yeah, apparently we need something exclusive."
"We did four?"
"Yeah, we got four!"
"We have, we have four--"
"We have four songs!"
"--It's like a bonus chapter in a book. What, you read the last page and then 'Oh! Bonus chapter!"
"This is weird, right?"
"Well did you tell Thomas?"
"I don't know.... I- I don't know I think-- I think it's just boring to play another song again. I mean we should try something else. Something more original, something in Pain of Salvation's vein."
"Yeah, we've always wanted to go beyond music. I think it's a good idea--"
"Yeah? What do you mean like..?"
"Hair. Human Hair."
"....As a bonus track...?"
[helpless laughing] "What's with hair--?" [more helpless laughing]
"What are we supposed to do with that?"
"We put our hair in the CDs."
[More laughter]
"Do you have any idea how many copies we're gonna have of the EP? How much hair can we possibly collect? I mean look at Fredrik he doesn't even have any!"
"Yeah but--"
"What's the point of-- What's the point of having hair?"
"You can't comb your hair!"
"But look at Fredrik he doesn't have any!"
"Yeah, how will you contribute?"
"I got my beard!"
"We can have any kind of hair? I mean, someone's gonna get facial hair and others can get--?"
"They can collect!"
"Well, bonus-- Bonus hair!"
"Bonus hair."
"Oh come on that's just-- No. .... Everyone's happy with that?"
"Yeah. Cool."
"I think we have an agreement."
"Actually it'd have to be a song. Thomas said so."
"It'd have to be a real song."
"He always says that!"
"Yellow Raven?"
"Well, since hair is not an option anymore I guess that's it."
"Maybe next album!"
"But next album! Next album we'll do hair. That's what I'm saying!"


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