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Boom Bang Freestyle

Boom bang, what you gon' do fam
When I come through with the bamboo gang
You wan' know who's in the bamboo gang
Just a bag o' man rolling with sticks
So anytime of the day, I take a stroll in my bits
Nobody can tell me I can't go there
After I born and grow there
Oh yeah, keep it going, fuck a hold up
I'm the new drug, you're fucking with the old buzz
Couple years now I've been chilling at Koder
Now it's time to take the whole ting over
For real doe, bars always hard like a dildo
This is real life, you're thinking it's a film doe
And you would swear you was blessed with swagger my dawgy
I got more swagger in my big toe, swear down
Took a minute but I'm here now
No games like a fairground
I bust my ting, fuck a stare down
We all know you're a chicken at heart so why the fuck you tryna gwarn like a bayer now?
And why would I promote old war
I'm a big man, I don't do postcode war
If it Skeppy or JME, Shorty or Lay-Z, Jammer or Solo's war
Real talk, I don't wanna know no war
Ya done know, I big up my tugs in the ghetto
Bust a shot, buck buck, make that bloodclart echo
My mandem got the coffee, espresso
You man are gassed like Esso
You can't fool me, I know you're sweet like amaretto
Put a bit of ice in my cream Cornetto
I'm from a place that ain't rating police so there's shots going off all day like Suweso
You're big for nothing like Carroll
I'm big for suttin, I'm a shooter like Samuel Eto'o
I make the blocks stick together like Lego
These man ain't got no reproach for the beat
Me, I just crawl on the riddim like a gecko
I got girls from the get go, let's go
And R.I.P Mark Duggan
Still pissed that you got took away so sudden
R.I.P Marcus, Cox and Denzil, for them man there I would of rise up the suttin
We want answers for Mark's death, but the P.I.Gs don't wanna tell man nuttin
R.I.P my uncle Albert and uncle Dion
I came for the seat like, Leon
Not many can reach the vibe I be on
Free Solo and free my nigga Tion
Yeah, I'm still rolling with Dean and Smiley
A bandwagon is what you'll never see me on
Nah, I'm a leader
I was grown but I'm from the same place as Ratty and Preacher
Man see me and screw up their face when a couple months ago you was begging for a feature
It's all fucked where I come from
People be robbing from Paul just to pay back Peter
I got that ocean flow, very deep koz
They all know about me koz
Thinking your cold, I will go for the heater
Gangster ting, aya mean blood

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