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Bottles & Up (Thug da Club)

Yeah, yeah Storch
That's what I'm talkin' about, my nigga
Bottles & up, TS what up, nigga?
Bottles & up, O's and G's know

Bottles in the air, middle fingers to the sky
My niggas don't dance 'cause we all gettin' high
Semi on the waist, two-steppin' on the side
Keep gettin' money till the day that I die (2x)

(Thug the club!)
Shawty what, get buck
(Thug the club!)
Real G's roll up
(Thug the club!)
Fight it out, get drunk
(Thug the club!)
Act wild, tear it up

[Verse 1]
Introducin' the Nemesis, you've heard of me
Enter the rebel, the legend, the "Rock the Party" took me to another level
I'm a bad mothafucka, stones colored, illuminatin'
Pull up to the joint and the girls love it, the niggas hate it
Unstoppable, position myself to get cheddar
Incredible with these lyrics, I'm only gettin' better
I'm on a sour, my niggas, we poppin' vouf man
Don't want no bottles for niggas, you 'bout to lose, man
Buyin' bottles for brodies, you know it's nothin', dawg
Crush you something later fo'sho, she breakin' somethin' off
Soon as Zino step through the door she got it jumpin' off
Grab your chick and head to the floor, I'm callin' all of y'all!


[Verse 2]
Most of my niggas got felonies, we's haulin' at the bar
Throwin' Hypno and Hennessy, she fuckin' with the Hulk
We continue to roll and blow the best trees
Puff an ounce in the club, lookin' for sour D's
Plus downin' bottles of bub like it was ice tea
Only bottles & up, that's if you like me, you got keys!
I'm feelin' lucky like a Celtic clover
Lil' spit, Lil' Flip, now the game is over!
I'm on a mission ain't finishin' 'til I'm done
Make the crowd move wild like I'm bustin' the gun
Everybody hallucinatin', somebody set it off
You're callin' security, now it's (?)


[Verse 3]
Apologies are never accepted, I'm on another level
Probably try to get me arrested because I'm so ghetto
So many victims from homicide
Accountable for only thorough niggas
Who want to ride or die with me
Poured a bottle out for homies who ain't here
Incarcerated niggas with numbers be givin' mad years
I'm number 34, beyond all the glory
I'm the truth like the "E! True Hollywood Stories," nigga
Zino king of the city, I'm 'bout to lock it down
Silly rap get smacked, let's get it poppin' now
Big dog and I do it the best
I'm in the club with a cold million dead on my chest


(Bottles & up!)
Boston get it poppin'
(Bottles & up!)
MIA get it poppin'
(Bottles & up!)
New York get it poppin
(Ounces & up!)
LA get it poppin'
(Bottles & up!)
Philadelph' get it poppin'
(Bottles & up!)
ATL keep it poppin'
(Bottles & up!)
Chi-Town get it poppin'
(Ounces and up!)

Bumpy, what up nigga?
(Bottles & up!)
(Bottles & up!)

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