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Bottoms Up

Can I Get That Dro? Can I Get That Remy?
Can I Get That Coke? Can I Get That Henny?
Can I Get That Margarita On The Rock Rock Rock Rocks?
Can I Get Some Salt All Around That Rim Rim Rim?
Trey. I Was Like "Yo Trey?"
Do You think You Could Find Me A Bottle Of Rosé?
Okay. Let's Get It Now.
I'm With A Bad bittch. He's With His Friends.
I Don't Say Hi. I Say "Keys To The Benz."
Keys To The Benz? Keys To The Benz!
Muhfucking Right. Yup. B To The 10.
If A Bittch Try To Get Cute, I'ma Stuff Her.
Throw A Lot Money At Her, Then Yell "fuuck Her!"
fuck Her. fuuck Her. Then Yell "fuuck Her!"
Then I'ma Go And Get My Louisville Slugger.
Excuse Me. I'm Sorry. I'm Really Such A Lady.
I Rep Young Money. You Know.. Slim.. Baby?
And We Be Doing Donuts While We Waving A 380.
We Give A Lot Of Money To The Babies Out In Haiti
Yelling "All Around The World. Do You Hear Me?"
Do You Like My Body? Anna Nicki.
Rest In Peace To Anna Nicole Smith.
Yes. My Dear, You're So Explosive.
Say Hi To Mary, Mary And Joseph.
Now Bottoms Up & Double My Dosage.

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