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[Verse 1: Macklemore]
They told me that I vanished
They told me that I had it
They told me that I'm gone
I told 'em, "Don't panic"
When you've done it this long
And you've seen magic
And you know it won't kill you
Even when the whole world doubts it
This is my moment
They can't take my talent
They can't take my stripes
They can't erase my hours
I'm from the underground, anything above ground is a mountain
I'm done tryna impress anybody, but the heavens where I'm headed
You don't get to hold on me your flowers
I am in my zonе, eyes on the thronе
20k deep, better pull out your phones
Turnin' the arena to believers every time I hit the ceilin'
Ain't nobody ever touchin' my show
Look at where we started, look at where we got to
Almost OD'd that night in the hospital
Wasn't gonna die, more life in the arsenal
Got another shot to pull off the impossible
[Chorus: Tones and I]
There's no need to cry for me, I'm a fighter
You can't take my voice from me, I will rise up
Rise up
So what are you waitin' for?
I ain't ready to die yet
The pain is where faith is born
Are you alive yet? Are you alive yet?
Are you alive?

[Verse 2: Macklemore]
On my grave, what quote will be etched in?
Never played the game to be a contestant
Never joined the league to ride benches
The wins hit different when they don't expect it
Yeah, and they ain't gotta like me
Got my own Nikes, no Nike ID
And I ain't tryin' to stunt, man
But my logo went over the Jumpman
I remember all I had was a bus pass
Sellin' CDs to make a couple of bucks back
And now I'm up in meetings and you better believe me
Now that we got the arena, The Sonics makin' a comeback
I'm not a businessman, I got children, man
I treat my city like it is my fam
'Til the residency gets a buildin' man
Think I'm playin' 'bout mayor, but that is my plan

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