Mario - Cheat Sheets Lyrics

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets

Lonely night
Wake up at 5
Out of control
Sheets just wouldn’t mind
..for tonight
And my say is: what time .. to five
She came all ..
Doing my pain
In the middle of the night
I heard the door bagging

She came home a day early
And saw the cheat sheets
She probably trusted me
And found my cheat sheet
She heard something moving
Was on the second floor
She went to the bedroom
And opened up the door
That’s when she saw the other girl
Wrapped up in the cheat sheets

Change in her ..

Want to go by
I thought she’ll take this ..
She’s the .. woman for me
.. move out, out of way
Then I said: .. don’t go
I’m on my knees
She said: why should I stay
Cause she’s in no sheets


And I’m .. I know I shouldn’t have cheated you
Everything I promised .. into me
Never should have told her .. I love
Was all I had
Baby now we’re separate
It’s looking like a tragic incident
I broke a .. that can’t replace


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