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Chill Will Freestyle

Intro: Yeah yeah, you got Big L Corleone in the house, you got my little brother C-Town in the house, we about to rip this shit, this goes out to my big brother Big Lee, holdin’ it down in Oneida. Ain’t nothin’ goin’ down in Harlem without your permission

[Big L]

I’m standin’ strong with my squad behind me
Whoever wanna see me, come to Harlem, it ain’t hard to find me
You might catch me on Lenox Ave., hoppin’ in a Hummer
Look out for the new smash, droppin’ in the summer
Mics I steadily smoke, rhymes cleverly wrote
As long as I can rock a crowd I’m a never be broke
Ya'll hoes see me on Soul Train, iced out gold chain
To hell with a piece of the pie, I want the whole thang
Rap I got sewn, front, get your spot blown
Punk, don’t be mad at me ‘cause you not known
And right now I’m on top of the world
So when you see me comin’ through, put a lock on your girl

Outro: Chill Will, Masterpiece number ten, Big L and C-Town, representin’ Flamboyant Entertainment, Big L, C.E.O., one love to the one and only, legendary, N.F.L. crew, Big Stan, where the fuck you was at nigga, we was Chillin' Willin’...

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