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Cold December

[Intro: Rod Wave & Hank Williams Jr.]
Started the tour out in Denver Colorado
I made the first one but I did not make the second show
Yeah, uh

[Verse: Rod Wave]
It's safe to say I been this way since I was eighteen
The same night I fall in love, I feel it fadin'
Who can you love? Who can you trust now that you're mainstream?
Don't want no love, don't got no trust, I feel me changin' (Yeah)
Sometimes I think about my high school sweetheart (Oh-oh-oh)
But times change, people change and grow apart
I fell so hard and fast for Dee, I wanna start a family (Family)
She show resentment, she got pregnant, and she felt abandoned
That shit with what's-her-namе was faster than I had planned it
She movеd away from San Diego, livin' in Miami (Oh, yeah)
We caught a flight to Puerto Rico, she was sweet as candy
She just ain't know she had my heart before the plane landed
And by the time I got home (Home), I just wanted to be alone
I met Brianna through Kearra, they were the best of friends (Oh-oh)
She turn her head, and we moved up just like the Jeffersons (Yeah)

[Chorus: Rod Wave]

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