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Daisy and Violet

Daisy and Violet work at the market
I hear they used to live on the road
Somebody told me, singing in sideshows
Joined at the hips of the songs that they wrote

Daisy and Violet come in a vision
Double the dresses, double the fun
Sing in a harmony only a sister
Could sing of the times and the freedom they want

Daisy fell ill and was followed by Violet
A neighbor boy found them dead on the ground
Somewhere inside the mind of a child
Are harmonies only a sister could sing

Elephant man died in his own bed
The neck that he had had a heart of its own
Said that his mother was crushed by a monster
When he was inside her, an elephant gnome

Penny for the sisters and a penny for the man
I’ll give it back to you when I can
Penny for the sisters and a penny for the man
They’ll make a killing if I cannot

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