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Dancing with Mr. Jitters

Hey, well, that's him
That's, that's him, man
Shush, hey man, [incomprehensible]
Yeah, that's him, that's him
If you're looking for him, now he's never too far
You don't even know him, but he knows who you are
Even knows your name now - can hear him when he calls
Teach you how to dance till you learn how to crawl
When you're dancing (dancing)
With Mr. Jitters (dancing)
All my friends are working, they got nothing to show
They follow Mr. Jitters, now, wherever he goes, now
Gotta be a fool, 'cause no one wants to stop, now
Dance with Mr. Jitters till his music makes you drop
Well, you're dancing (dancing)
Dancing (dancing)
You're dancing, now, dancing with Mr. Jitters
Ha-ha, he's laughing at ya
He's, he's laughing at ya, man
Everyone's so tired that they're dropping to their knees, now
Take you and a-break you till he gets what he needs
When he start the dancing, boy, don't let him lead you to the fall
Gotta tell that Mr. Jitters you don't, you don't, you don't need him anymore
No more dancing (dancing)
Stop your dancing (dancing)
You keep dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing (dancing)
With Mr. Jitters, oh, no (dancing)
You're dancing, now, dancing with Mr. Jitters, ah
Yeah, you're dancing, now (dancing)
You're still dancing, now (dancing)
Dancing, dancing, dancing, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now (dancing)
Dancing (dancing)
You're dancing, now, you're, you're still dancing with, with, with Mr. Jitters
You keep dancing, now, dancing with, with that Mr. Jitters, now
You're dancing, now, now, you keep on dancing, with, with, with Mr. Jitters, now
Dancing, dancing, dancing with, with, with Mr. Jitters, now
Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing with Mr. Jitters

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