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Day One

[Verse 1:]
By tomorrow I bet, I could crawl out of bed
And nobody even know I’m under the sheets
Then we can go fly, and some friends drop bye
And tell me I'll be ok
By Tuesday the hurt, won’t keep me from work
And I'll hide it from everyone
Sounds easy to do if I just get through day one
And we go slow, all the neighbors to know
When they don't see a car outside
By day 17 I won't need a drink, to help me close my eyes
By day 28 I go out on a date, and she'll think I'm having fun
Sounds easy to do if I just get through day one

I can't skip the pain
I can't stop my mind
So i’ll just take, one at a time
It not even be more than a year maybe three
Before the damage comes undone
But i’ll get over you if I just get through day one

[Verse 2:]
By day 45 I won’t have to drive by your house on my way home
But day 92 if I run into you, It won't kill me if you’re not alone
By the end of September I bet you remember, how hard this first night was
When it was all I could do to try to get through day one


[Verse 3:]
There come a time when the sting of goodbye won’t be hanging in every room
Could be Fall, could be Summer
Don’t know the number, but it can’t come too soon


But I see the lesson, call it a blessing when that day finally comes
You’ll just be someone I knew if I just get through day one

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