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Death Chant

Death chant

Viewless essence, thin and bare
Well nigh melted into air
Still with fondness hovering near
The earthly form
Thou once didst wear

Pause upon thy pinion's flight
Be thy course to left or right
Be thou doomed to soar or sink
Pause upon the awful brink

Death chant [4x]

To avenge the deed expelling
Thee untimely from thy dwelling
Mystic force thou shalt retain
O'er the blood and o'er the brain

When the form thou shalt espy
That darken'd on thy closing eye
When the footstep thou shalt hear
That thrill'd upon thy dying ear

Then strange sympathies shall wake
The flesh shall thrill
The nerves shall quake
The wounds renew
Their clotter'd flood
And every drop cry blood for blood!

Death chant [7x]

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