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Deep Fried

Ayy, pipe up Hoodrixh
Skee, skee
Shit, shit
Skee, skee
Shit, shit (Did I when I spoke shit?)
(Bitches ain't no joke)
(Call that shit, I goat shit)

Bitch, I'm a party pooper
Quick to shoot this bitch up with my iron
He got hit 5 times, they like "Damn, he still alive"
I'm a Grinch, I'm the devil, I play with mutherf*ckin' fie'
Send another f*ckin' steppa
That last one' he got deep fried

[Verse 1]
Hot wheels any car, I hop in that bitch a hot ride
I done shhhh so many Opps
Stay yo ass off 95
I think that this karma comin' to me
Deep off in my pride
With this Big Mac that was a 4 for 4, while glizzy big ass overdosed
Dior kicks all on my feet, bitch, I stomp on steel toes
She a lil' naughty girl, but she still gon' get what she want
Louis V, Pucci, Prada, Gucci, baby, that's that funk
Catch a f*ck nigga anywhere, stomp him out he gettin' stomped
It's a turf war, if you come through, we droppin' yo whip
And this bitch already off the hip
Shoot yo shit up, then we dip

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