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Dem Miami Boyz

DJ Noodles! Mr. 305 checking in!
Doing what I do best (Ha Ha Ha)
You know what that is, right?
Jumping on the track and letting the world
Know what it means to be a 305 representer
I started this shit (He's back!)
Now watch me

That's dem Miami boyz
With them dade county face
Movin weight, we dem boyz they love to hate

That's dem Miami boyz
With a head full of dreads
Mouth full of golds
Watch out for chicos and them zoes

That's dem Miami boyz
Always lookin for a lick
Be careful we don't end up in yo shit

That's dem Miami boyz
305 till we die
That's right motherfucker let's ride

[Verse 1]
Remember that new chico Chris that used to play ball
Skinny with a mushroom cut about yay tall
He's pushin rhymes like what they call him, Pitbull?
I've seen him in a club with a dime every time
Yeah, that's right, that's me
That little chico that [?] from 305
Kill me but my legacy won't die
I'ma always rap for M-I-A-M-I
Dade County, right, we down to die
We down to cock, rap the five
Check the books, when it comes to the cocaine we cook
Cause we came from the bottom
We got them things in the bottom man
Straight, raw, uncut, [?] step on it
It's alright dog, Miami, we've been slept on
Keep sleeping if you want to
And find your mother trying to wake you up
At your wake motherfucker
Black mass, black gloves, duct tape, AK
We always do it big around here baby ba-by!


[Verse 2]
I don't play, I don't snitch
I'm from Dade, I'll switch
You can smell, I'm the shit
Take an L, take a hit
When the chico here spit
Or the shit hit the fan
You'll be crying through the tag
C'mon boy, be a man
In the hood they got keys
They got quarters, they got grams
We'll rob everything, I'm from Florida, understand
That's the president, it's evident
Wherever there's some ham
We were taught to say nothing on the stand
Now that's the real


[Verse 3]
I grew up looking up to drug dealers
Idolizing what they do
Analyzing they every move
Miami breeds them on the regular
But you can tell who's professional
By the way they talk on the cellular
I took your Miami to new heights
Now they coming down looking for Pit
Like I'ma prick at a new price
I done gave the streets new life
Like bricks in the drought
Banana clips man we pulling them out
Hustlers we filling them out
To see if they're willing or not
To put they're freedom on the line
When the feds start playing tricks on they mind
Like them ghettos boys
Fiends on bikes with no tires, that's ghetto boy
So all them hustlers on the corner sitting on milk crates
May your dreams come true one day
To all my boys behind bars, you know who you are
Keep your head up, I promise I got you


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