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Demon Mode


Ain't got to turn on demon mode, that shit be automatic
Ain't got to tell her, "Take 'em, off," that shit be automatic
See this lil' cube on the back, it make it automatic
Nigga ain't teach me to be real, that shit was automatic

Gave her what's under my belly, now, she love me
Walk in the building, now, all the pretty bitches tug me
Her hair got caught on my chain when she tried to hug me
Found out I hit his ho, he see me and he mug me
Every time I see the camera, throw the gang up
We some dogs and got on chains, but, they can't tame us
Every time that one corner get hit up, they blame us
We like a record label, make a nigga famous
Say he a lion, okay lion, still p*ssy
I'm like, "Bro, why the f*ck you keep lookin'?"
They mad this beat can have the whole crowd duckin'
The clip got somethin' in it, pull it 'til it's nothin'
They got hoes in the tele'
Racks in the duffle
Choppers in the Sprinter Van bust a nigga bubble
They say I'm all alone, I see they in a group
But, this lil' cube on the back'll break up a nigga huddle
What's the plan? (What's the plan?) What's the word? (What's the word)
You say they over there (Over there), f*ck it, go and swerve
We really get into it (Bang)
We really do it
We livin' what we rappin', we not just makin' music
Pull up 30D, but, I'm by myself
Nardo, what you mean? I got like twenty-nine shells
Hop that patty cake, that mean I hop that clappin' shit

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Date Added: 2022-08-08
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