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Dis To Everybody

Now it's for me to adress all da hataz let me see about u
Throwed ent who dey is let me see about u
Stole da bathing apes song got some js but it's all cool
Tj so dumb nigga flunked and went to summer school
Now back to da topic bout da hataz yall niggaz slow
Tdg got choppaz on dekk ion think sooo
Fuck dat nigga and whoever want some beef I'll
Come to birmingham put da pistol in yo niggaz
Give my tool head fuck nigga I'm a let it go
I heard j.teezy got whooped by a 8 year old.
Now dis aint no game bitch I'm scopin out ya residence
Yall niggaz started it hell yeah I'm finish it

Some niggaz dey be two face daz some learn man
Fuckin wit fire hell yeah u gone get burn man
Fuck yall niggaz yeah soulja boy said it
I'm gettin tired of dis talkin bout big headed
Bitch if u was in my shoes u would do same thang
U mad cuz I'm fye and all yo shit, it be super lame
Ion give a fukk cuz I hustle and stay on da grind
I do shows I fuck hoes and I get money all da time.
So if u got a problem u can suck my dick
Cuz ion really give fuck and I'm found on 226
Van voris fuck boy u can get it lame
Cuz my clip gone be full like when da f on da gas tank

Time to set it off lets get to da buisness
I got fans on dekk and got over a thougasand witness
So wuz wit drama cuz dis shit ion need to need to sweat
All dis damn noice on da motherfuckin internet
Bitch I'm in dis streetz most deez niggaz dey be undercover
Wut about dat clique who swear dey but aint even seen each other
Seen each other hell naw bruh dey internet
Dey swear dey in da streetz but all dat talkin it aint none butflex
I bet 5 stacks most deez niggaz dat be poppin off
U see em in real life all deez niggaz do is copy off
Soulja boy or lil a but naw man dem niggaz gay
If I see u real talk I'm gone punch u in yo fuckin face

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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