Game - Don't Kill My Vibe Lyrics

Don't Kill My Vibe

[Verse 1: Game]
Bitch, dont kill my vibe nigga, dont blow my high
Wake up in a Bugatti but Im in a Maserati when Im on the 405
Im king of the motherfuckin Westside
Two dubs up when the TEKs fly
Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla!
Turn a 600 to an S5
Compton made me direct this ending
Like my little nigga Kendrick, props to Jay-Z
Got a Rocky pendant and a drop Mercedes
Ill been gone til November but Im not from Haiti
Im a C-O-M-P-T-O-N, N-I
Double G A like a young D-Wade
Brought my city a championship by myself
And niggas think Im doin this shit for my health
I am, dont make me go HAM, 4-5
Go blam, I was just protecting my wealth
Matte black Bentley, all-black pennies
Black Tom Ford shades, Im bout to go stealth
All black everything
Trap Wesley Snipes inside Tiffanys wedding ring
Nigga, never get out
Im constipated, just tryna get my shit out
False alarm, I cant do #2
Pee on you peons for eons and eons
Used to intercept niggas, rock like Deion
Sellin white packs out my grandmamas Neon
Ask my nigga Breon
I played Pacs brother in this classic movie
No relationship to Leon
When I spit for Dre I had a nigga forehead like a nigga was a klingon
No album out, Im on 106 like a nigga put Free on
Any beat that I breathe on or be on, I be gone
I brawl like Im out in Maryland, Georgetown, Michigan
Florida, watch a nigga get his UNC on
Baby Jordans for my baby daughter
No Harold Miner, can I get my USC on?
Eight cars in my driveway, sideways
Horsepower make the Lamborghini fly away
I am the shit when I step out the Six
And I step at your bitch in my brand new kicks
you bitch dont act brand new
Cause you suck on my dick when you walk in my crib
Airplane mode, wont be no duck lips next to Van Gogh
Dance with the devil, I learned to tango
S on the metal, I wrapped the Range Rove
Ride to my limits inside the Infinite
God is my witness, Ive got the roof in it
Designed to go win it
Mismatched rims on the motherfuckin Phantom
Nigga, nigga on God, Imma spend it
Compton Westside, and Im riding with Kendrick

[Outro: Kendrick]
I am a sinner whos probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me
Things I dont understand
Sometimes I need to be alone
Bitch dont kill my vibe, bitch dont kill my vibe
I can feel your energy from two planets away
I got my drink, I got my music
I would share it but today Im yelling
Bitch dont kill my vibe, bitch dont kill my vibe
Bitch dont kill my vibe, bitch dont kill my vibe
You aint heard a chorus like this in a long time
Dont you see that long line

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