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William Omar Landrn (born February 10, 1978 in Puerto Rico), better known as Don Omar, is a reggaeton singer. He is one of the most well known reggaeton artists in Latin America. His cross over success in the U.S. has given him more exposure to English speaking Reggaeton fans, making him one of the more recognizable faces of Reggaeton along with Daddy Yankee and Tego Caldern. Don Omar's popularity is currently rising and he recently appeared on MTV. Omar is best known for his songs "Dile" and "Dale Don Dale" from his first album The Last Don and "Reggaeton Latino".

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Short Information
Don Omar
Birth Name
William Omar Landrón Rivera
El Rey
Birth Date
10 February 1978
Puerto Rico
Reggaeton, pop music|pop, rap music|rap, R&B
Singer-songwriter, composer, CEO, actor, rapper
Years Active
Orfanato Music Group (His Label)
VI Music
Universal Music Latino
Machete Music