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Edens Demise

that's been left to die. The oceansdiseased, the stricken lands decay. Mankind's supremist mentality has set this world ablaze. Nature's plan forever altered,animals lost to extinction. This society based on greed fuels the onslaught of destruction. The circle of death ends with theinstigators victimized. The means to quench a selfish lust brings eden's demise. Mass-murder, demonic cruelty. Absolutefascism. To end the enslavement and slaughter, the antidote is veganism. Don't let your outrage for injustice end where yourselfishness begins. I have conquered through selfcontrol, together we can win. Respect for nature and innocent life, the endof human over human oppression. A peaceful world can evolve after animal liberation. To persist with what is immoral is illogical. There's no excuse for violence against nature or for the innocent to be killed. I see so much sickness. The enemysurrounds. I see so much sickness. I fear what the future holds. I have hope that the point of no return has not yet beenpassed. These are the final moments. Sand pours from a broken hourglass.
Earth Crisis Edens Demise

Date Added: 2007-12-20
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