Mario - Emergency Room (Ft Rihanna) Lyrics

Emergency Room (Ft Rihanna)

yeahhh, ohhh marioo, yeahh, rihanna

like a dummy threw my jeans in the closet, when i know youre the only one that wash 'em
so you found a piece of paper saying Tasha
she was working at the store, she was helping me with shopping
on the receipt that u found, i bought stockings
some red high heels, but that was for my mama

boy how could u lie to me (you know i wouldnt)
thought you would die for me (baby)
im not accepting another apology (girl)

after 3 years girl let it go
accusing me of shit ya dont know
i got my bags packed standing by the door
when i leave i aint coming back no more

you can be in the emergency room
ya standing by my bed and searching t-to pull out my iv
you gon be in the emergency room
im fightin with myself i cant hurt you even though you hurt me
you gon be in the emergency room
im tryna call the nurse but nobody can help me now
lemme see you try to live without me
now wheres your heartbeat?
flatline on the EKG

you were home one night watching tv
got a call from ya girl saying RiRi
said she just got at the club at the bar

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