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You don't belong to me
But we got memories
Used to be a friend of me
But now you're my enemy
I don't need a deal, I just need me a house
And to freeze my wrist 'cause I'm tryna stay cold
I'm from the East side, shawty
If you want to talk to a nigga, I'm in Scarborough

Wanna start over
Can you talk to me girl?
'Cause I wanna love you, oh
Let these distractions go
Are we gonna be all this with each other?
I don't know, baby
I wanna grow old with you, baby, yeah
But do you wanna come over?
I think it's time that we fix things, yeah, yeah
I know things between us have been sour lately
But I just wanna every hour I can with you (You, you)
We came too far to let things go, too many years

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Date Added: 2022-05-22
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