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Eric Church is a country music singer and songwriter who released his third studio album, Chief. The Homeboy Songfacts explains that the album's title refers to a nickname of not only the singer's grandfather, but also Church's own pet name among friends and family. Eric grew up in Granite Falls, N.C., in an area known as one of the world's furniture capitals. He recalls being 4 years old, standing on a table at a local restaurant, singing "Elvira" to a waitress and a handful of patrons who would reward him with change.

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Short Information
Eric Church
Birth Name
Kenneth Eric Church
Birth Date
3 May 1977
Granite Falls, North Carolina|Granite Falls, North Carolina, United States
singing|Vocals, guitar
Country music|Country, Southern rock
Years Active
Capitol Records Nashville, EMI|EMI Nashville
Associated Acts
Terri Clark, Jay Joyce