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They gone' get the best of me
SOD that's the recipe
Know that I got it
Stacking all my revenue
Getting money that's what you better do
I'm out of space extraterrestrial
I'm out of space extraterrestrial

[Verse 1]
I'm out of space in my spaceship
I do what I want this the life bitch
Man I throw a party
A pool party I throw a pool party
She rolling off a molly
I'm grinding in shawty
I'm stacking and I'm guaping
SOD that's nothing stopping
I gotta go hard on every check I got on that cash shit so you know that I'm the man
I got the crown on my head cause' I feel like the king on the throne you heard what I say
I'm in the club with a whole check
I blow fifty bands in one day
On the left side I got like 100 stacks
On the right side I got like 100 bands


[Verse 2]
We hit the mall and we go through them bands cause' I'm balling you heard what a nigga say
I got this cash on this cash on this island this private jet lean sipping actavis
I do my thing when I swerve man you know what it is man my campaign's winning
And I throw a pool party yeah I throw a pool party and the models is swimming
I got nothing but polo on, I got nothing but polo on
So fresh texting on her phone, white car had them bands and a movie on
Turning on the radio
Skate across the stage I'm performing in the stadium
Man a nigga paid, ball like in a gymnasium
Givenchy sold out, the T-shirts we taking them


I'm pulling up, double cup and it's stupid stupid dark
My whole city yeah were turning up
In the club were throwing money
Making it rain
It's raining (6x)
Raining and pouring
The money fall from the above while we all in the club
It's raining and pouring
Raining and pouring

[Verse 3]
Now when I walk inside the club it's a movie on site
Got ten cameras pointing at me with them flashlights
Got so much ice, I done brought the bands out
Pull up in Ferrari when the yellow comes out
Bring the ?? comes out
It's a murder scene
I need yellow taped wrapped around the front of magazine
I been stunting so damn hard, did it for the streets
West side we did it all ones we getting it

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