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Faber Drive is a pop punk band from Mission, British Columbia, Canada. They are known for touring with bands such as Hedley, Marianas Trench and Simple Plan. They have gained a huge amount of popularity in many parts of Canada. Already well-known for a local fan base, Faber Drive released a limited edition three-song EP under the band name Faber. Due to legal issues, the band changed their name to Faber Drive.

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Faber Drive Lyrics
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Short Information
Faber Drive
Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Alternative rock
Pop rock
New wave music|New wave
synthpop (new material)
Years Active
604 Records|604
Current Members
Dave Faber
Jeremy "Krikit" Liddle
Jordan "JP" Pritchett
Andrew Stricko
Past Members
Ray Bull
David Hinsley
Calvin Lechner|