Babyface - Fall for You Lyrics

Fall for You

Written by babyface (1999)Performed by shaniceThere's a right or wrong to know for everythingAnd the truth is somewhere written in betweenBut there's always something missing in the darkThere you will find the true condition of the heartWell I can visualize the pieces of a dreamAnd it's not as far away as it may seemBut if truth be told it's you that holds the keyTo the question that defines my destinyI've been in love a time or twoI've seem the world but not with youI wanna fly and spread my wingsDon't wanna cry, I wanna singI wanna live and take a chanceI'm not afraid to love againI wanna fall, fall for youAnd I want you to fall for me tooI've had plenty conversations with my heart[Fall for You lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Cause I want this thing to work, not fall apartSo, I ask my heart how can it be so sureAnd it answers me because your heart is pureI have every expectation that it's trueCause my heart won't lie to me, much less to youBut if truth be told it's you that holds the keyTo the future that becomes our destinyHookTo the mountain snow that melts into the streamMy heart flows like the river to the seaTo the heavens up aboveI pray to God our destiny is loveHookAnd I want you to fall for me tooMe tooMe tooMe tooFall for me too

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