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I had to do it to em
Hahahaha ey
This shit right gone go so fucking hard when it come out
Niggas like when he gone come in and rap i wonder what he gone say

Verse 1:
AYYY bitch
Nigga i be high as fuck
Riding with my chick and she be fly as fuck
We be wet, you be dry as fuck
I be cliffing i be highing up
We next to a cloud or something
Smoking on the loud or something
Playing video games you niggas strange better yet you niggas is lames
And my fans is flames
They on fire they yelling my name
Rep my campaign higher than a fuck higher than a duck
Loose loose trip when that ??? juice tip
When i come through zoom when i zoom zoom dip through your street
Sold out shows on this beach
Im going so hard on this god damn beat

Complete focus and im swagged up and im rolling
Focus, focus do me a favour and hold this
Hold this cos baby im focused

Verse 2:
I wake up with my mind on my money
Thinking you a dummy
Money to the paper
Paper to the cash
Cash to the dinero thats digital dash
I dropped it for the fucking fans
I came out with the louie and bands
Got off the phone with gucci man
And everything was gucci man
Im feeling so tropical
Sour grape this shit hypnotical
Im thinking to myself damn
A million in a year damn
Add bout 6 to them
On my block man we gets it in
We load a lot of clips with them
Catch me on a yacht come take a swim and ummm

Swag, roling, smoking im focused all the haters know it
Im rolling, rolling swagged up and im focused
Smoking you know it, know it
Im focused mind on my money bitch

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