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Fragrance Of Memory

At the end of longing, you always have endless tears.
Upon your withering shoulders, you cut your hair long.
I wonder if you, who worries about me, knows.
I should give everything to you, even my memories that have lost it's owner.
So that even if you're left in the hillside where you wonder, you won't hurt.

That one person who made me live.
How could I forget you?
Because of you, I live another day today too.
Even if I cry and hurt alot, I'm going to endure it.
So that when you hear of my sad news from far away you won't cry.

Ontop the fine piano where you somtimes played for me
Lies just the far away times that is like dust.
To me who's being worn out from waiting, I wish for tomorrow not to come.
My farsighted love that is looking for the blown away fragrance, is so poor.

In the picture that I haven't had the nerve to burn so many times,
You are smiling.
Next time, even the next time so that even your soul will not have to wander around again.

That's right, I can't just put away the many happenings.
Like my tears that sometimes tire, bury it all inside the name of memory.
In the name of love, bury all the things remembered over time and time again, everything so nothing will be

Left, all the things that will no longer be remembered.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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