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Freestyle 1

Pitbull was the name that i gave myself
And it fits me proper cuz i bite and lock ya
I'm tryin' a get with both Tony's touch meanin'
"Tony toca" and Tony Montana
It's bigger than than blocks and towns, Glocks or pounds
Cause these, boys down here got choppers that will (brrrp) chop you down
And if you want that red light, special light, TLC'll show you the spot, and they got you now
From Miami to Bushwick, this is for everybody that push shit, push mix, push bricks
Push the wrong buttons and get your shit pushed back right quick!
I'm a nightmare on any beat, call me Pit slash Kreuger, and my dawg J-dawg won't hesitate to spit that Luger
Oye boricua! Que bola? Soy (Son?) de cubano/mexicano so you know i represent Cuba
But don't get me wrong, i've got love for puertoriqueños, especially for puertoriqueñas
Que le gustan usar la lengua, y en la cama son enfermas
Come on meng, you don't wan't beef with this (timy? or tiny) boy, meaning Tommygun
Timing is everything so imma give y'all time to run, but let's keep it real your time is done
Pitbull, my time will come
Thanks to Teach and his big mouth, i'm coming up like the morning sun
Pero (Tom, or Ton?) no te preocupes, Teach may have a big mouth but he won't drop down, fuck a hot rhyme, just listen to the gun rap
"Csh" "csh", click-clack, nigga, take that, Pitbull's back
For the first time, i'm at the point where Santiero couldn't curse mine (no, no, no), or curse me
I'm starving, and i'm thirsty, and i'm not gonna stop till y'all yell mercy
I want all y'all to eat, but first me
I want all y'all to eat, but first me

Hahaha, oye Ton
I appreciate the love meng, muchas gracias
And Teach, Big Mouth Promotions, bet that up baby
Hah, keep looking out for Pitbull slash Q-bon
From the bottom to the top
Ten cuidado

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