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Fuck That Flo


[Hook: Soulja Boy]
Fuck that flo
Fuck that flo
Fuck that flo
Fuck that flo
Fuck that flo

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
I see you clearly look through my glasses
I'm schooling you, taking these classes
She and her friends come to my palace and get slaps all over their asses
Ocean gang, we splashin'
You get money we get it the fastest
There's no way you can pause these matches
Asian girls all over my mattress
No nigga you can't have this, matter fact, fuck that flow nigga
I'm ready for that action and your last bitch was a gold digger
Tired of you old niggas so it's time that I show out
30 minutes, one city, my concert, it sold out


[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Bust that dome
Mother fucker better cut that cord
Stank ass broke
Yall can't cope
Every time we come through, you niggas know our shit dope
When it write off my niggas know my shit flow
Despite the questions, bitch I got all the answers
Let me come and smack all you little niggas that don't have no manners
Boss said so, everybody know I must get dough
And I only fuck with boss bitches, fuck that ho
You know when I roll up in the spot with the snap back low
In Vegas laying down that ace, king, Black Jack ho
Yall niggas see me in the counting moneybetter shut that door
I hope you weight watching my bread nigga fuck that flow

[Verse 3: Soulja Boy]
Girl, you making the maximum
And you trying to get racks
You see yo ex dude still like you and that's why dudes still trying to fight you
Wife still in this bitch, tellem' hah, bro you mad
These niggas watching like police tell em show that badge
Work that shit
With your friends
Drop that shit
You and all your friends
Crush that ice
Make it snow
I can't be mad
Fuck that flow

You nasty

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