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Girl If I

CHORUS (Trey Songz)

Girl if I told you I really wanna get to know ya
Turn around and told you I’m down and doing it if I hold ya
If I look in your eyes and say baby I really don’t know you
Bitches hounding my game I just let you I don’t even know ya
Girl if I told you I (LL) like your style, I’m feeling you baby
And then I told you I (LL) with you in my life, would you think I was crazy?
But if I told you I (LL) give you the world if you was my girl
And then I told you I (LL) doing my thing, running my game

(LL Cool J)
The first day I’m a sucker if I’m feeling in love?
If doing shopping at the (?) would you think I was bud?
If I (?) would you think I’m a thug?
And say what up to your mum while I smoking some whaat??
Let’s sure aware of time bring flowers to your door
Kissing on your hand while I’m nailing on the floor
Stroke to the park slow hand and hand
Feeling safe and secure cause LL’s your man
Love at first sight it’s hard to understand
At the end of the day it’s all part of God’s plan
No need to be boozy you keep keeping in the hood
Farmers I’m forty and still all good
Maybe you shouldn’t be ready maybe you should
Maybe you couldn’t resist maybe you could
With my chain in the rain on the way to the plane
See I busy (?) bit, I’m just running my game, haha
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(LL Cool J)
I’m not the average combo trying to hound a chick
Roll upon her face talking making her sick
You know the type fronting like they moving some bricks
Got a new rapper in his way got hits
Looking wild doofy playing demos in the rip
You feeling my joint now you wanna flip?
Don’t touch the died baby you playing yourself
And why would you want to listen to anyone else
Sweetheart from the start you’re a part of my heart
Your body is a work of art bringing light to the dark
Just read off my part a hit to top on the charts
Keep burn stop, tensing cord hearts
Word mother I love her when you do kissing and hugging each other
Touching your rubber and bugging under the covers
And never using your number cause the same old scene
Now you know I’m just playing, I’m just running my game


(LL Cool J)
And you say New York City, sounds that you hear!
Banging in both ears!
Have no fear your man LL is here! Yeah!
Hey yo Papoo, we got it baby!

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