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Gluteus Maximus

[Verse 1]
Yeah yeah
This the type of beat you rock
Right before you bout to get some pussy
Duty calls when a bitch needs a booty call
Make my balls touch her gluteus maximus bag a Maxim mag bitch
Test her gag reflex fake titties with defects plastic Barbie rejects
That ate 3 dicks at once (pig)
Fuck a bitch to death, the pre-fix I like a flexible chick spread eagle poke her wit a pool stick
Turn the bitch into a coke mule choke on my family jewels with all that drool and spit put my tool in ya pit
My gat rubs your clit, suck ya tits, fuckin' bitch
Drink that milk, pregnant slut, sip it quick, don't talk zip ya lip
You ain't got nothing to say that I'm interested in unless it's dirty shit
I got more than 30 chicks on my dick at the same time
I kick game rhyme fellas learn from it, honey you feel sick? That's sperm in your stomach
Now get used to it, douche it, douche bag bitch unsanitary horrible hygiene , bye, Felicia. Hahaha!

Bitch you ain't down to suck dick?
Then get the fuck out of my hotel real quick (Bye!)
You want a pic? You want your tit signed?
I'm film you blowing my penis and squirt cum on ya spine
Bitch you ain't down to blow Beesh?
Then I don't care if you end up homeless in the streets (Bum!)
Like a stray dog, white slave abductee
The only thing I want to hear you say is that you down to fuck me

[Verse 2]
I'm like Maximus charging through your gluteus maximus like a maxi pad miss fuck you call a taxi quick
Bitches on Paxil showing their ass like crack kills make you take a shit like Ex-Lax pills
Netflix and Chill, you got a man? He could make us eggs quick
After I show you what the sexorcist does to your rectum with the speculum bitch
You need protection cause some of these sluts have infections
No affection just a death wish suggestion my erection gives a bitch a c section slicing through intestines
Machete phallus salami digestion, 18 year old floozies make you drink a protein smoothie
Think ya shit don't stink til it starts oozing out of your coochie and culo like slugs from an automatic Uzi
Catch a biological disease in a jacuzzi
Hef's grotto it's a doozy, hot models with twat's throttled with bottles loosely, pussy's gaping like potholes. Foul!


Yeah, now that's a song
Penetrate it, kill it
Beat the pussy up like it stole something from you hahahahaha! ha!
The sexorcist tappin' your intestines honey, bitch, innards

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