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Gold Bricks (Loyalty)

Gold bricks in the back, gold bricks in the front
Gold bricks in the motherfuckin' safes [?]
Gold bricks by them other thirty clips and all them guns
Gold everything, gold in my chain, gold up
Gold bricks to the motherfuckin right
And you know I got that lean in my Sprite
Pourin' Ac', Pourin' [?] all night
Pourin' Ac', Pourin' [?] all night
Gold bricks
Gold bricks
Gold bricks
Gold bricks
Gold bricks
Gold bricks
Gold bricks
Gold bricks

[Verse 1]
Gold bricks so you know I keep the chopper
Meet the plug, touchdown in a helicopter
Pull up in that Phantom, Phantom of the Opera
Hit him with hollow tips, send him to the doctor
Gold bricks
Hit a gold lick, now my Rolex flip
My Rolex water whip, and the ice, the diamonds get hella rich
Soulja come with hella clips
For you now I'm celibate
I [?] all of my celery
My diamonds they shinnin'
My niggas they killin'
My niggas they killin'
We stackin' up millions
My niggas, they whippin'
I'm still whippin'
Still whippin'
Still pistol grippin'
My niggas ain't slippin'
We out on a mission
We stackin' up millions
Stackin' and breaking the ceiling


[Verse 2]
Got hit with the hollow tips
Next day, so I pistol grip
Wrappin' bricks like a mummy brick
Wrappin' bricks like a mummy brick
Put a body in hella ditch
Put a body in hella ditch
Call the shooters, they pullin' up
And you know they got hella clips
I'm touchin' down in Memphis
With like ten million
Whippin' and whippin', I'm breaking my wrist
Money is stacked to the ceiling
Fendi and Givenchy chillin'
My niggas, they killin' and dealin'
Stackin' up 32 million
Stackin' money up to ceiling
Fendi, Givenchy, I'm gettin' in money
These niggas, they lookin' so funny
I'm wrappin' up bricks like a mummy
I'm takin' a trip out the country
Whippin' and breakin' my wrist
Fly with the fish and the baking soda
Takin' a trip out to North Dakota
Got the bricks in a Range Rover
Shippin' them package
Whippin' the bricks like it's magic
I'm flashin'
My diamonds, they flashin'
Wrappin' the couch up in plastic
Drippin' the [?]
Whippin' and package the dope like a spatula
Impressin' the plug, he think I'm spectacular
Twenty pounds and that way I'm so accurate


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