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Golden Child

They hate your brown skin and they hate my brown eyes
They hate that we`ll represent those three colors with our lives
"You were born in America you have to choose a side"Pero tengo sangre Azteca and I say that shit with pride
You`re in love with our culture and you`re in love with our music
You`re screaming "build that wall" but you in love with taco Tuesday
I`m an alien in your country but in mine your just a tourist
And don`t think we forgot you closed your border to Honduras
What happened to humanity?
You forgot how that felt?
When New Orleans was under water Mexico reached over to help
But they don`t care about us
Mexicans they don`t even teach our history
Cause then we`ll realize that this land belongs to you and me
"Oh they taking our job" no we just got mouths to feed
They tried to burry us all but didn`t realize that we seeds
I`ll prolly never see a million and I blame my brown pigment
"Land of the free" well free our fucking children
You just locked them up in cages gave my people minimum wages
Y`all was brought up on hatred and racism
But y`all not ready for that conversation
So next time you try to talk down on me cause my skin color brown
Or try to talk down on me cause my family`s from the south
Just know that I know that you wanna see me dead now
And I won`t let forget that baby I`m a golden child

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