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Halfway Around The World

[Verse 1]
Friday night and I'm far away
Feeling distance and meditating, laying low
Twenty something days remain
Until I see my lady once again
I'm holding on to memories
Like specialties that she'd make for me
I'm developing a taste for yesterdays [?]
Plain and simple I refuse
To make her absence mean I'll lose
Instead I'll use this time for recreation

See I'm half here, and I'm half there
I'm halfway around the world

[Verse 2]
I'm stretched out in shavasana
My feet up and I'm working on my breath control
Yes I'm floating up and over my own body
I know the warm and fuzzies are taking over
I'm feeling a little bit high and a little bit low
A little bit warm a little bit cold
A little bit fast a little bit slow
I'm a little bit yes and a little bit no
A little bit hard a little bit soft
I wan to keep going but I want to get off
I'd rather be in places where your face is[?]


[Verse 3]
I'm Beijing and I am Indonesia
I'm Singapore and I'm Seoul, Korea
Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei
I'm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From the Midwest, through Chicago
Flying business, Arigato
Through Narita, on the beat
I'm grateful for my window seat

Traveling gets hearts beating
Unraveling not fall sleeping


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