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Aye I pull up to the Yo with a chopper and my son
Slaughter Gang bomb shit, nigga like Saddam
100 round drum on my stick
50 round drum on my hip
I pull up and let the shit rip
Bankroll like I'm Tip
Flipping work, acrobatic
Who the fuck want static
Young savage bitch I'm shhh
Young savage bitch I'm trapping
Catch a nigga ass in traffic
Roll the window down and shhh
Roll it down and let him have it
We the ones causing havoc

[Verse 1]
We the ones causing the havoc
Make the white jump like a rabbit
I took your bitch to the cabins
Wipe your nose like I'm Calvin
Paid in full if you ain't know
I ain't chasing no hoe
I ain't worried about a bitch
I keep me extended clips
Young savage, Fresh Jones
I just poured a 4 inside a Jones
I might take your baby mama home
She gon' suck me up and give me dome
Rap niggas I ain't really with it
Shit you rapping about, bitch I really did it
She ain't got no money, I can't hit it
Put some bullet holes in your fitted
She let me nut on her titty
If I say shovel, I dig it
Gangbanging like I'm Suge
Red rag in my Dickies
Slaughter Gang bitch I claim that
Diss me, get aimed at
Fuck around and get your chain snatched
How much you pay for your chain back ?


[Verse 2]
Cooking up cocaine
Smoking on propane
I can't wife a hoe, mane
I just want throat, mane
I keep a 30 on my waist
Homicide, I beat the case
Spray the stick like it's some mace
Get your whole block erased
I get the shit from across the border
Break them down and take your order
You play with the gang, you'll get slaughtered
Pull up on your bitch and slaughter
Fresh eating a turkey burger
His chopper make you do the Shmurda
Free that nigga Bobby Shmurda
You niggas know I rep that murder
These niggas sneak dissing, I know it
I run through that check like I'm Floyd
Blowing money like I'm Floyd
Knock a nigga out like Floyd
I just went to cop a Porsche
I just went to cop a Rolls
Strip a nigga out his clothes
Your favorite rapper is a hoe


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