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Yo, every fucking song I do is like magic now
Alright, sod, I got you
I was chilling on Tumblr
Bad yellow bone says she want slumber party
Said she wanna slumber
I was chilling in my 2 4 seater
This what I do
I’ma get up on this beater
And eat her
Shawty hit me up on Twitter
And …
Says she wanna see me, I’m like damn
But I know I’ll be on tv looking like damn
Swagged up with my easies, they black, number 2 …
I be riding through in a Bentley
Nigga can you picture that?
Back in the days, I ain’t had no money, had no money
But now these days, I got a lot a of money
I got a lot of money, I got a lot of money
But it don’t meant shit bitch
I’m Jesus in the flesh, SOD we kill shit
I come through with gold bricks
Nigga get your fuck …closed stitched
Lil dre I go hard, get killed, real shit
Pull up, brand new, rims on that fucking coup
Got me flexing, tmz put my face, everyday on they fucking website
I don’t give a fuck, I’m rich nigga!
Swagging in this bitch got my own folding line
Boulevard so fly, I’m so fucking fine
I’m so fucking divine, you know what’s on my mind
My motherfucking fam, sod go ham
Pull up in that 2 door, this is what we do hoe
Niggas be knowing I get money, on Pluto
I’m outta space, I’m satellite,
Flash and splash and swag and ocean gang
We gonna blast that bastards
And Shawty says she always be thinking bout me
Thinking bout me
And I be sitting back, stuffing weed in a swisher
And Shawty say she always thinking bout me, thinking bout me
I be sticking back, sticking weed in the swisher sweet
SODMG we do this shit every day
I be over the clouds, getting to another state
I be flexing 50k in one estate
And I be doing my shit
I need some new Scarface fronting …in this bitch
I need some new paintings on my fucking face in this shit
And I’ma start painting paintings and shit
Start painting canvases on some masterpiece shit
Sodmg man I swear that we rich
Sodmg dog I swear that we here
Soulja Boy, you can call me mister wayne
My best friend aim to the k
I smoke weed all motherfucking day
I be puring lean up, he be dark as fuck
That dark purple lean got me lifting up
I be so fucking up, I be grippin up.

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